Systematically create environmental, social and economic value within the new believe of sustainable development that is required of companies in their value generation process.

Use market forces and strategy principles to enable ventures in contexts to compete effectively.

The importance of values

wealth generation

They are mechanisms of wealth generation that irrigate prosperity to their partners and their community.

referent pride

They are important references of their community, to which people aspire to belong, they are a reference of pride.

quality employment

They develop local talent, generating better quality of employment given based on skills and not conditioned by their socio-economic environment.

accelerate knowledge

They accelerate economic growth through the depth of current markets.


  • Models based on welfare and not on the empowerment of individuals.
  • Focus on the needs and the shortcomings, not on the capabilities and opportunities.
  • Improve to move forward and not choose to be unique and relevant.
  • Identify and sue poverty, and not overcome it by promoting fair and intense competition.
  • Celebrate the social vocation and not skills or experience.
  • Having an obsession with finding many beneficiaries and not focusing on those capable of growing extraordinarily.

Transform Ventures

  • Change the subsistence entrepreneurship model for a high value creation entrepreneurship model.
  • Interpret customer needs and build distinctive and relevant opportunities.
  • Use the learnings of the experience of entrepreneurs to build a sustainable advantage.
  • Effectively connect the support and market actors with the ventures.