Many Organizations confuse strategy with planning, this leads them to positions without advantage, eroding the margins of their businesses and generating confusion in the way they work. Year after year, useless planning rituals supplant the valuable practice of strategy giving a false sense of security in terms of growth and execution.

At Upside we believe that the antidote to growth problems is strategy, without the term planning. The real strategy in building a powerful business theory that allows you to see the world in a different way to make clear resignations. A good business theory is a theory in which you have a clear advantage that explains what business a company is in and suggests different growth initiatives.

that we addressed from the strategy

Discussions about strategies respond to different circumstances.

  • Markets under discruption.
  • To grow despite the fact that the markets do not.
  • False consensus about the future.
  • Big player in small markets.
  • Everything grows except the cash flow.
  • Business without a clear owner.
  • Disorderly growth.